What am I working on now?

Creator of Growth in Motion:
An online and private coaching platform that helps young people looking to find out what they want to do next in life.

Owner Of Bodyshape Female Fitness Centre:
A female-only gym that is tailored to help women make the transformation they are after, whether that be physical, mental or spiritual. 

Owner of Creates: 
Freelance Creative Strategist focusing on youth brands and the fashion and fitness industry. 

Founder of Daniel Baldock Creates blog:
A blog focusing on all things I find interesting: personal growth, relationships, fashion, fitness, and marketing. 

 Co-creator of the Crossroads Podcast: 
A podcast with Luisa Lion, where we help you create a badass life worth living. Through unfiltered thoughts, beliefs and opinions on everything from relationships to personal growth to business, learn to love your life.

How I got to where I am

 Early life: Realising that not everyone is born with equal capabilities
When I was young, I was diagnosed with a severe learning difficulty that was then followed by a bad stutter. I was an 8-year-old kid who could not read, write or speak very well, which was tough. Deep down, though, I knew I had a lot to share. Because I had these challenges, I had the luxury of spending time — a lot of time — in my own head, learning how to do things my way. 

I made a point of challenging my brain and developing my own thoughts. Luckily for me, I had crazy supportive parents who did everything in their power to make sure that I was not medicated in any way and had all the resources I needed to develop myself through hard work. 

Teenage life: Learning that hard work pays off
After five long years of speech therapy and countless amounts of programs and speaking courses, I now was not only speaking but had turned it into my biggest skill. My newfound ability to articulate my thoughts and ideas was really taking off, but my reading and writing were still at a year five level. Knowing that my brain was struggling to catch up, I started to embrace my weaknesses and learned by way of talking to people and learning directly from videos, documentaries, and just being a sponge for information. 

I was using creativity and my imagination to get around the challenges of not being able to read or write. I knew that school was simply a formality for me to get to the workforce. Probably the biggest lesson in my teenage life was doing my work experience in an independent adverting agency when I was 15. 

I will never forget walking in and the amazing feeling of people not knowing me and therefore not judging me for what I could not do, but instead judging me for what I could do with my ideas and by thinking differently.

From that day on, my only goal was to spend my all my time in the ad world and turn that into my life. So I did. I listened, watched and learned from anyone who would talk to me about advertising, marketing or sociology. 

 Working life: Just do it and who cares what other people say
At the age of 18, I got a yearlong internship at the advertising agency that started it all. I worked my ass off, eventually moving my way up to being a strategic planner and then a creative strategist, working on brands like Men's Health, Jim Beam Brands, Virgin, and NRMA.


I then partnered up with a like-minded spirit and fellow strategist, Courtney Beck. We joined Mamamia (Australia Largest online female publication) to head-up strategy, as well as new and creative revenue streams.
Our lives grew as they filled with more passion, and we took all that we had learned working with over 100 brands in our careers.  

Now I have based my life around things that I love: creativity, coaching, fitness and fashion. Everything I have done since moving on from full-time work has been towards creating a life full of all the things I genuinely love doing. 

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