Growth In Motion is an online and private coaching business focusing on helping people move from feeling confusion and stress about what they are going to do next in life to having clarity and excitement for your future. 

Please visit the Growth In Motion's website for more information. 

Bodyshape Female Fitness Centre:

Bodyshape is a female-only gym that is tailored to help women make the transformation they are after, whether that be physical, mental or spiritual. We have created a genuine and uniquely female environment with 1500 members, each moving towards their own goals.

We run over 60 female-focused classes a week, have the best personal trainers on the northern beaches, run fully-
staffed indoor and outdoor kid’s clubs, and are stocked with gym equipment that is tailor-made for females and their needs as well as an in-house beautician. 

Gym Owner Daniel Baldock
personal trainers northern beaches

private coaching

CREATES Freelance Strategy &
Business Growth

Creates is a marketing, branding and business development consultancy for fashion and fitness brands or start-ups. 

I am drive by helping brands grow through strong branding, innovation and telling their story in a more compelling way.  I have over 8 years experience in advertising, Media and in startup as well as my own businesses and ventures. 

 What do I do?
Insights. Strategy. New business. Business development. Workshops. 

 Who I do it for?
Brands and agency I like and feel I can genuinely help. I prefer if there is a focus on fitness, fashion and youth brands. 

 Why do I do it?
Because I love growing other peoples’ brands and using creativity to solve business problems. 


I am Always up for meeting and working with new people and businesses so feel free to reach out.

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