What Do Your Friends Say About You?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

This quote is well known to most, however, few people put it into action. Despite the fact that we have our own consciousness and our own ability to make choices and decisions, humans are pack animals, “copiers”, those around us heavily influence us and the individuals that you choose to spend time with ultimately will influence the person you become. 

Most people have experienced how their personality changes slightly or the way they behave differs depending on the company they are with. When trying to grow and work on yourself it's a good idea to take a step back and look at the people you spend the most time with and what kind of influence they have on you. How do you behave when you are in their presence? What do you talk about? Are you interested or does this feel like a chore? Do you leave your social interaction feeling inspired? It's wise to look and ask yourself “Do I like myself when I hang out with this person?”

When you are in high school you have limited control over to whom you get to spend time with as you have a limited choice. If negative classmates and teachers surround you, their apathy and negative mindset can often influence you. Try you best to stay positive and driven towards your goals, and maintain your self-belief, but it is understandable why so many find their secondary schooling to be a negative period in life. 

If you are disgruntled with your group of friends at school and feel a lack of deeper connection, it's good to remember when you finish school you will have more opportunity to meet people with similar interests that will inspire you to follow your passions. Until you graduate, try to make friends outside of school through hobbies that interest you (such as sports and creative art), or there are always online platforms to connect with likeminded individuals that motivate you. 

Once you have graduated you have control over what you spend your time doing. Socialising is an important aspect of everyone’s life and whilst you are young and still in the habit-forming stage of your life it is wise to “choose wisely”. You may be incredibly conscious and self-aware, you could be the smartest and most positive person you know, but if you are constantly surrounded by unmotivated, negative and fear-based people, they will hold you back from growing into the person you want to become, they even mock you and dissuade you from wanting to ever achieve more than they know.

People like this in many instances, workplaces, university classes, sports teams or even your own family can dissuade you from being ambitious. It’s wise to make sure you realize that you can be different to them and try not to let it get to you. 

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